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December 13, 2019.


Skylook originally comes from March 2013, when @instagramaviation was founded by, back then, 13-year old Kelyn from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Kelyn’s love for Aviation started during his days as a small child. “I used to live in the South of Amsterdam, where planes were approaching Schiphol at an altitude of around 250 Meters. My window had the best view. Besides this, I had a very difficult situation at home, so I was watching planes every day to get some relaxation. I think it all started for me in my room.” In 2013, Social Media were quite new to the world, especially for the younger generations, of whom most were still playing hide-and-seek outside. In March that year, Kelyn discovered Instagram, a new platform for photo and video sharing. His dream was to give something back to Aviation, showing world’s best moments from around the world, so he founded @instagramaviation on 8th March 2013, to be exact. After years of putting effort into the page on a daily base, the formula started to be a success. The page started to gain thousands followers weekly, if not more. Nowadays, it’s world’s biggest Aviation community on social media, with  more than 700 Thousand followers whom bring a total of over 3 million views weekly.

In 2016, due to never stopping success, Kelyn founded Skylook. At first, Skylook would only be active to follow the law and for administration, as many Airlines and other Aviation related companies were keen to work together with @instagramaviation. Soon more followed, and in 2018 Skylook emerged into an Aviation & Travel company.

Skylook is created by travelers, for travelers. Frequent flyers, Aviation enthusiasts aswell as professionals can find all relevant news on Skylook. Besides need to know, Skylook also brings background stories, columns, stunning travel blogs, reviews high-quality photos & videos and more. If you are new to travel, Skylook is here to get you on your feet. You will learn about benefits, privileges and bonus opportunities you may not have known existed.

Our wonderful team exists of young Avgeeks whom have their roots in Aviation since they were a child. Our editors daily search for the most interesting news, columns and fly around the world to bring you blogs, reviews, photography and many more!

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